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Say "Cheese" or "Camembert" It's picture time!

We ended our first French Immersion session of the year with 4th graders students with crackers and "camembert brought by a student ( merci T!!! stinky cheese makes immersion feels real by all sensory means :)

A great and informative session with students reflecting on how it felt to learn through French immersion on their last class:

"It can be challenging to understand what you say but what helped me is that you repeated a lot, then it starts to make sense says S. who was mostly quiet during class.

"I liked that you also wrote words and expressions on the board "adds M, I realized English words and French words have a lot in common sometimes.

"I had fun with games we played...especially the twister game...says A."

"I also liked the art projects we made, like the emojis with different colors and emotions,...added E.

Everyone was eager to share their impressions, their struggle and what they find helpful.

Yes, being immersed into a new language is a real challenge! There is a lot at task !

Reflecting together as students and teacher how we stay engaged in learning and what type of stimuli we react the most: visual cues, auditive cues, group engagement or individual project is fascinating and a life long journey ....we are glad to take the journey together with you. Merci a vous les eleves ! A bientot!

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