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Our programs incorporate the appropriation of language routines (expression of general greetings or daily communication) through songs, acting, games or dances in an age appropriate level and involves a specific area of exploration through story telling, crafting, science projects, etc. Each subject of inquiry is developed over the course of a semester and helps the student to consolidate language tools and articulate a way of thinking the world around them in a very hands-on way.We also work in partnership with schools and the Beanstalk curricula subjects can be easily integrated into the school learning units. For further information please visit our SCHOOLS section.



Brooklyn Beanstalk has developed a distinctive, child-centered approach to teaching language immersion by:-

-Connecting with the child and where he/she is at in space and time in that moment.

- Interacting with them in a dialogue that engages both their kinetic, poetic and logical skills
- Tailoring our verbal communication to convey the relevant meaning of that situation.

- Embracing each child’s idiosyncratic personality and learning abilities by enhancing his/her multi-sensorial intelligence.

- Guiding the child through his/her own appropriation of a new language while engaging him/her in the realm of playful adventures.


What is Immersion?

Language acquisition in an immersive environment places the student in a contextual situation where all the verbal communication is provided in the target language (the second language the students are learning), establishing a fluid connection between language and social interaction and providing students with the skills necessary to understand and communicate in that language.


The Benefits

While learning in an immersion class, your child will not only learn a new language but also change the way he/she will cognitively refer to the world around her for the rest of her life. While your child navigates to overcome the challenges offered by a new class, his/her brain is processing new perspectives and tools of communication and develops new cognitive abilities, a skill that will also help him/her to overcome multitasking abilities in his later life. Starting early is a great way to assimilate a language naturally and our little seed classes begins at 16 months, affording these infants exposure to a social and group structure experience .



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