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About our Language immersion program:



“Our daughter went to the "Little Giants" program - Spanish immersion on Saturday mornings when she was younger.  It was amazing how much Spanish she picked up - she could understand everything said to her after awhile, and could speak simply with an excellent accent.  This was all from Little Giants, since neither of her parents speak any Spanish.  She now has formal Spanish instruction in first grade, and is picking it up incredibly easily (and again, with a great accent!)  I would highly recommend Brooklyn Beanstalk.”


Laura N. 

2013- Brooklyn, NY


“Sophie and Stephanie are such highly skilled educators. They make it so easy to learn the language, even for the parents. They create continuity between every activity, building on a theme, so kids easily connect the language to the ideas behind it. They are also very adept at using dramatic, non-verbal expression to complement what they are saying, so it makes it very clear, even if you have never heard those words before. If Auden hadn't "graduated" to drop-off classes, I would probably be fluent in French today! :-) And, if you wonder how much good one weekly session can do, Auden did not become a true "francophone" kid, but many French parents commented when they first met her that they were very surprised at home much she clearly understood, and I think that really helped her to transition easily into her dual language program. (They offer Spanish, too!)"


Sarah V.

2012- Brooklyn, NY




“My 3 year old daughter has been going to Brooklyn Beanstalk's extraordinary French immersion program (they have a Spanish one as well) since she was 18-months-old, and our whole family are huge fans!  Her teacher, Sophie, is a Jacques Le Coq trained clown as well as an astonishingly creative and responsive teacher - so the program is completely free of that canned, "now we get a maraca and sing the wheels on the bus for the millionth time" feeling that some play groups and toddler classes are susceptible to.  I should also mention that we are not a bilingual family - my daughter does not hear French at home at all, as some of the children in her class do - but we strongly believe that the immersion class has markedly increased her English vocabulary and sharpened how she listens to all languages.  (It's also very cute when she does speak her surprisingly well-accented French phrases!)   To give you an idea about how much this gem of a program means to us - we live in Harlem, and take three subways for an hour to make the Prospect Heights class every week!


Juliana F.

2011- Manhattan, NY



My 7 year old has been taking immersion French classes with Sophie since he was a toddler and now that he's older, with Stephanie.  Both are really engaging and highly imaginative and fun, they "get" kids.  My son loves this class and looks forward to it every week.   Brooklyn Beanstalk offers a creative environment for learning a foreign language through the context of its culture and the arts, a really terrific program.



2011- Brooklyn, NY



My daughter loves the French playgroups.  We have been going to them for almost two years.  Sophie, the instructor, is very dynamic and the children respond very well to her.  The themes for each term are creative and interesting for the kids.


Veronica M.

2011- Brooklyn, NY

About Beanstalk Circus program:

"Hi, my son and daughter really enjoyed Circus and Climbing camp  last week.  My son  wants to do "flower sticks" for his school's talent show now!"

Nadhine L.  

CIrcus - climbing Camp Winter 2017

"They loved the camp and get back home with muscle ache!"

Marine P.

Circus- climbing  camp Winter 2017

"My son of 5-1/2 LOVED this camp a great deal! I would absolutely recommend it!"



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