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What Happened in our Shape Art Circus Camp this Spring?

Dear families,
We had a great week of camp with a fantastic group of campers! We explored a lot together!
Every day , we covered acrobatic basics, ensemble games, acting/improvisational exercises, performance techniques, hands on crafts and got exposed to contemporary circus inspiration!
Your children worked together in partners, practiced in solo work and presented new tricks & skills in a “showtime” format each day.
Each child, whether with us for a day, or the whole week, grew in confidence, respect of others and creative exploration!
Our camp week subject: STEMS (Shape, Time, Emotion, Movement & Story). This is a five part look at the basics of performance. Invented and practiced by Mary Overlie in her Viewpoints method. This acronym provided the outline and focus for each day's activities, as well as a greater understanding of performance.
Wednesday, Nikolai and the Brooklyn Beanstalk team.

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