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Start the summer with the Let go dance!

Enter summer mode and join Beanstalk to the LET GO exhibition at Park Armory Avenue Saturday June 23rd

The artist Nick Cave opens us a collective space to dance and rejoice TOGETHER

We are looking for amateurs of dancing and moving with us

We will come together, dance and play some movement games and express ourselves through movement and dance in a celebration of life.

If interested, please email us with your contact info, number of adults and children and their age interested to participate and we will forward you more information

First Look: The Let Go

Get ready to dance! This summer, interdisciplinary artist Nick Cave invites you to experience The Let Go—a dance-based town hall where the community of New York is encouraged to "let go" and speak its mind through movement, work out frustrations, and celebrate both independence and collective community. Part performance, part installation, The Let Go reimagines the Armory's iconic Wade Thompson Drill Hall as a social gathering space activated by "chase," a multi-colored, 100-foot-long mylar sculpture that glides across the dance floor.

On weekday evenings, Cave orchestrates a cast of dancers in Up Right performances, a call to arms where the artist's signature soundsuits are engaged in a transformative journey to face the forces that stand in the way of selfhood. Practitioners and initiates perform new site-situated choreography by Cave and dancer and choreographer Francesca Harper, accompanied by the melodic voices of baritone Jorrell Williams, Vy Higgensen's Sing Harlem Choir, and others. Stay late after weekday performances for Armory After Hours when bars will be open in our historic period rooms for libations with fellow attendees.

During weekends, visitors and community organizations from across all boroughs are invited to express themselves through movement within the installation to music curated by some of New York's leading DJs, played as a soundtrack or mixed live. Participants will be engaged by dancers leading games, a special line dance called “The Let Go” created for the installation, soundsuit invasions, and other dance-based encounters. Also on display in the Armory’s historic rooms are a collection of Cave’s soundsuits, wearable sculptures that create a second skin to conceal race, gender, and class to force the viewer to observe without judgment.

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